Sunday, December 29, 2013

Best Weekend Ever!!

Yes I know I really suck at this keeping a blog thing, it has been almost two months since my last post. But I promised myself that I am going to try and do better so here I go!!

Over Thanksgiving weekend we had the amazing weekend ever! We were not only able to bless Stieger, but we were able to have him sealed to us for all time and eternity!! We we so excited not only to have him sealed but also because of the fact that Charly was able to attend with us. She was excited that she was going in the Temple, she had asked us a million times when she would be able to go in and she was finally able to do it.

Being sealed to our beautiful baby boy at only 2 months old is such a blessing, seeing as how most of the states require that you wait 6 months. It was one of the most amazing experiences  of our life and I know that Cody, Charly and I will always remember the feelings that we felt in the Temple that day.

A huge thanks to Aunt Hailey who came early to help us take some pictures so we can remember our special day!!

The day following the sealing Cody gave our little man a beautiful blessing!! We were over whelmed with all the love and support we received from our family and friends. Stieger was lucky enough to have 2 great grandpa's attend, and 3 great grandma's!! We feel so blessed to have so many loving family members that are willing to supports us even if the travel it hard!!
Great Grandpa, and Grandma Beck

Grandma Great Turner

So I know that this is not one of his "Greats," but I has to throw  in this pic of cousin Michael cause he looks like he could be Stiegers big brother
Great Grandma and Grandpa Beckstead

Photo Shoot/ Halloween

Oh my goodness October flew by, having a new baby and trying to get adjusted to everything i have kinda been slacking in my blogging so i guess i better do a quick catch up!!

Since we have gotten home with Stieger I have have only gotten one thing done, cuddling my sweet boy. You know that thing that everyone tells you about holding you baby to much will spoil them? Well I call BS, in 6 months this boy will be crawling around terrorizing my home and I will want nothing more than for him to slow down and let me cuddle him. So I am going to  smother my little man every second of the day!!

I did take him to one of my best friends to get some pictures done, she does an amazing job and I am in love with how they turned out!!


Charly has been so excited for Halloween for months. She loves to play dress up, but I have a rule that when we leave the house I am in charge of what she has on. So to be able to go out in makeup, crowns, and lots of girly stuff was a huge deal.

Halloween was a little cold this year so we got a few quick shots inside because we were not about to take Stieger out. But Charly still had tons of fun going to the trunk-or-treat than finishing the night at Grandma Greats!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Stieger Beck Turner

We are so excited that Stieger Beck has finally came!! He was born on Oct 9, at 11:00pm, weighting in at 6 lbs 12 oz and was 19" long.
We got the phone call only hours before he was born, so we booked the next flight to Arkansas and rushed to get things ready, seeing as we only had 12 hours to prepare for a new baby!! We arrived the next afternoon to meet this sweet little man and fell in love with him instantly. He is the sweetest thing ever!! We were lucky enough for the hospital to give us a room, and spend the night with him before being discharged the next day.
Then came the waiting game, we had to wait to see when we would be able to get a court date. Most couples have to wait at least 10 days if not more so when we got the phone call telling us our date was just 1 week after we arrived, we were thrilled. There were
 so many people waiting at home to meet the sweet man, and we couldn't wait to get him home and show him off!!
But there was one thing Cody and I both felt like we needed to do before we could leave, we needed to see our Birthmom one more time, let her have a chance to see him again and say goodbye, because even though we do have an open adoption visiting her is not something that is going to happen a lot. And we wanted to her know how much we loved her and how grateful we were to her for bringing our son into our lives!!
After 3 days of traveling in the car, we are totally crazy I know, we made it home and we are enjoying every moment with our little man!!
Our first family pic

Ready to leave the hospital 

Charly holding her brother for the 1st time!!
Papers signed and he is all ours!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Baby #2 is coming

We are so excited to announce that baby number two is on HIS way. Thats right we will have a sweet baby boy in our family, and get this he is due in 19 days!! We can't even stand it we are so excited.

A little over a month ago I was contacted by a sweet woman who shared with me her story of adopting her Marshallese son, and right away we knew that this was a option for us. While we were really hoping to go through LDS Family Services because of the difference in cost ( lds is about 1/3 the cost)  when we got the phone call saying the had a placement for us we knew this was our baby. We are so excited and feel so blessed, everything in our lives seems to be falling into place.

We are now in a mad rush trying to get everything ready for our baby and for our adventure to pick him up. I say adventure because not only do we have to travel with Charly, but I will be taking care of a newborn in a hotel for possibly up to two weeks!! Life is so exciting, and we can't wait for our new addition to arrive!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

4 and 6

Oh my goodness I seriously cannot believe that my baby is 4. She brings so much joy and happiness in our lives. Charly loves everything girly and is full of spirit and spunk, we love her more than words can express. Charly was so excited for her birthday, that was all she could talk about for weeks now, so when the big day finally came it was so much fun. We started with a party and Grandmas with all our cousins the Sunday before her birthday. The morning of her birthday she awoke to decorations, balloons, and her favorite, a donut for breakfast. Then she got sick :(. So we spent the day having a movie party and drinking sprite. So the next day when she was filling better we ended her 4 day birthday celebration with a trip to Chuck E Cheese!! She had so much fun, and I think that we had even more fun than her seeing how excited she got over everything. Nothing brings us more joy in life than to bring happiness into Charlys life.

The Birthday Princess all ready for her party
Charly and Ike at Chuck E Cheese

Opening presents at Grandmas
Charly needed a little help getting the ball to the top

Birthdays are so much fun

Not only did Charly celebrate her birthday but my mind cannot comprehend the fact that "Bug" turned
the big 6. It has been 6 years since I placed that beautiful baby boy into the arms of his parents. We have been so blessed to be a part of his life and the life of his family, we love them and hold that special relationship very close to our hearts.

Meeting Bug for the 1st time

Charly, Me and Bug


"For me, adoption is not second best because I know that sometimes God doesn't give us what we want immediately because He has something so much greater in store, even if we can't yet see it."

Kelly Swindell
Waiting Adoptive Parent

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer can't really be over??

The final days of summer are upon us we enjoyed every minute. Our summer can pretty much be summed up in one word, RIVER! Us Turner girls spent every moment we could soaking up the rays, and letting the kids make memories with their cousins, that would last a lifetime. So with summer coming to an end we spent our Labor Day weekend at........ you guessed it, the RIVER!!
Charly and mommy, ready for fun
 The kids love to ride the jet ski's 

Cousins make the best friends
Crazy Drivers!!

Couldn't get these crazy kids off the tube
Here come the boat!!

Aunt Hailey taking the girls out

Charly had her first day of Pre-school, and lets just say that it did not go over well. It broke my heart to have to leave her crying, I wanted to stay, make sure she made friends, make sure that kids were nice. But like every mom has to, I had to giver her a kiss, reassure her that she would love it, and leave the room.

We had tears before we even left the house
How do you leave, when she's giving you that look??
Thankfully by the time I picked her up, her outlook on Pre-school changed. She loved it, they had puzzles, they colored and they even sang songs. By the next day she was a pro. and had no issues!!


As promised here is some information to catch you up on where we are. We were able to meet with our case worker and get farther along in the process. We are about done with the paper work, and just waiting on our background checks to clear (which can take up to 3 weeks gggggrrrr) then our caseworker will come and do our home study. We are so excited to get this done so we can create our profile and officially be up and running!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And We're Off!

Welcome to our blogging adventures!  We started this blog to introduce our family in the hopes of adopting. We have started working with several different adoption agencies and are currently completing our profiles with them. We will add links to them when they are complete.

We would love your help in spreading the word.  Please feel free to share our blog address or contact information. We are so excited to begin our adoption journey and can't wait for our family to grow!